We are committed to creating the highest quality full spectrum organic CBD skin & body care products using only ethically sourced and organic non gmo ingredients

We as humans have been using plants to heal our bodies since the beginning of time. we have an ENDOCANNABINOID system within our bodies and brains showing us our deep rooted connection with the cannabis plant. our Cbd is a full spectrum plant containing >.3% THc. grown organically in full sun on a small family farm. We use folk herbalist methods to create these magical elixirs.

The desire for connection with the Divine and our formless inner self is at the foundation of all desire for human connection.” 


Kai, Santa Cruz, Ca:Akasha apothecary products are simply wonderful and completely revolutionary. The canna salve is the first thing I tried. I have major pinched nerves from being a nurse assistant and come home most days with nerve and joint pain. This cbd relieving salve offers relief almost as soon as you apply it. It also has a wonderful smell and just feels smooth and luxurious.
I've gotten the opportunity to try a few new products as well and I love the spray oil. Although I love the smell of the original salve, this one has very little cannabis smell and smells really herbal which I like because I can use it at work without any worry. The facial moisturizer is absolutely amazing! I wake up with nice smooth skin and it doesn't make me break out! I just absolutely love these products and am so excited to see what else is in store for Akasha.”


Lisa’s Journey with Akasha Apothecary

“I should start by saying, I have now used Akasha products before, during, and after my pregnancy. Here I am, roughly a year from my first use of an Akasha product, and Alissa and her creations are saving me again. It sounds so cliché but these products gave me my life back. I can be present in the moments with my son and enjoy him because I am not in a continual state of pain and discomfort. I cannot express my gratitude for Alissa and Akasha Apothecary ENOUGH. The level of care, professionalism, and PASSION that this company embodies is second to none. I will continue to be a believer in the power of plants and natural medicine, thanks to Akasha Apothecary. I urge anyone hesitant to try these products to go ahead and pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed!”…..{ click here to read the rest of lisa’s journey}


New Product

Clear Away our newest addition to the Akasha Apothecary collection. It is a beautiful handmade candle made with coconut wax, and many healing herbs and botanicals.. Can be used for self massage, or a massage with a partner. Infused with the clearing energy of the selenite crystal