Our process to make these luxurious infused skin and body care products is....We start by setting the intention of healing and love. We count on the wisdom of those who have come before us when choosing these sacred herbal blends. We are folk herbalists using ancient methods of  medicine creation. 

The we use is full sun grown hemp without the use of harmful pesticides or any inorganic treatments to the plant or flower themselves. Full spectrum CBD also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber, whole plant extract not only provides faster and better relief, the effects also last longer.  

We infuse wild crafted organic botanicals &  herbs grown in our gardens and local farms into organic non gmo oils using ancient methods of medicine making and handcrafting these products for you and your family to enjoy.

We use all eco-friendly packaging using recycled frosted glass for our skin care products & re usable metal tins for healing salves. We refrain from using single use plastic in any and all of our creations as they are extremely harmful to our environment.

our mission is to bring herbalism, CBD, awareness, organic handmade skincare products made with intention and love, & chronic pain management through herbs to the forefront of the holistic health conversation. 

This company started in the mountains of Santa Cruz being inspired always by the beauty of nature and the power of plants and their ability to work with our bodies to create lasting healing. So many people suffer today from chronic back pain, arthritis, back spasms, post-surgical pains, menstrual cramps. we decided that we need change, we need better products out there that are organic and that actually heal the body at a cellular level rather than taking a pill to block a neurological receptor in the brain. This is not a solution it just masks and allows other problems in the body to progress. Our mission is to help those in need, hand craft and wildcraft from start to finish and start a wave of change in the world of pain management throughout the world and to create premium organic and handmade CBD skincare products. PLANTS NOT PILLS!

It matters what you put on your skin! We are advocates for safe & sustainable plant medicine.

We use all bio-dynamic full sun grown CBD and use wildcrafted herbs and all non-gmo organic oils to create a wonderful topical anti-inflammatory, pain relieving/soothing salve, massage oil, and other premium skin care products.

We are available to create custom orders as well.

it is so important to us to give back to the community when you support akasha apothecary product you are supporting us in our mission to bring herbal skin care products all of those in need no matter their financial abilities. we donate herbal products to local free + low cost holistic health clinics ;SAnta Cruz Healing Collective



Akasha Apothecary's Creator


Alissa Maya is a Santa Cruz, Ca native and has been making her own skincare products since she was in high school. Alissa has a passion for high quality organic skincare and feels that everyone should have access to all the amazing benefits of CBD and all plant medicines. The Akasha Apothecary name came from the Akashic Records and Apothecary from old world origin meaning plant pharmacist. We are so grateful so be able to share all of these wonderful products and services with you.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our webpage.

Love * Light