Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum Healing Salve 2 oz 300mg

Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum Healing Salve 2 oz 300mg

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Ingredients: Organic charlottes web full spectrum whole plant h e m p, organic st johns wort, organic calendula, organic comfrey, organic rosemary, organic lavender, organic cats claw

This is Akasha Apothecary's signature h e m p healing salve it is our best seller and has been published in Santa Cruz Waves magazine in the summer 2018 June-July issue as a Highly Recommended Product. This healing salve can be used to aid in healing a number of skin and body conditions.

+ Helps aid and calm skin if there is a cut, or skin has been affected burn, rash, bug bite

+ Soothe arthritis pain in joints

+ Aid in healing process of bruises, scars, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea

+ Aid in calming back, neck, or foot pain after long day at work

+ This salve works wonders if applied to affected area and then stretching out muscle group that is affected. Simple yoga routines and stretches are encouraged to be used in combination with this healing salve.


+ Store in cool place

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