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Abbie Mae

Abbie began her holistic healing practice in 2012 at the California College of Ayurveda.

After CCA, she began learning more alternative healing practices and found herself drawn to bodywork and energy work. She completed Cypress Health Institute’s 500-hour Massage Therapy Certification course in Santa Cruz, CA as well as the Burke Williams Massage Academy in San Jose, CA, including completing their 550-hour training course as well. She has also had the opportunity to learn Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Massage from Ho’omana Spa on Maui, HI. Abbie is now a Certified Massage Therapist of California and offers Lomi Massage, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage at Thrive Natural Medicine.

Based on her education and training, Abbie refers to her Massage Therapy practice as Mystic Movement. The Mystic Movement within you gains momentum the moment that you begin to question more than what presents itself only on the surface of your life. Once you become willing to open your mind to the depth of your healing, you become willing to trust the constant revelations of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life that can be guided by the strength of your awareness.

Abbie’s goal as a bodyworker is to continue to assist you in accessing the roots of your physical discomfort and lead you to overall wellness, to encourage you to question more than what’s happening physically, but also the emotional and mental states you may be putting your body in. Your internal state of being reflects into your reality. Your environment, daily practices, and nutrition all play a roll in your overall wellness.. Abbie believes that bodywork unfolds the many pathways we can take to achieving our overall health. The way we bring movement into our body allows us to feel capable of achieving our personal goals and igniting our motivation. If we are intuitive of our body’s natural healthy state, as well as when we are feeling any stagnation or illness, we can consciously take action to better the way we move through our lives in a powerful way. Through learning more about our body we can communicate clearly how to meet our needs, and know the path to take to feel results.. Having received bodywork from a young age, Abbie developed a deep appreciation for the intuitive connection it cultivates and became passionate about learning this healing art as something that can truly make a difference in the health of our communities. She is passionate about traveling to connect with different cultures and their traditional healing practices and strives to collaborate with others who share a similar passion. 

Tori LOve


Through intentional touch, provides a fluid and caring healing treatment with a number of modalities Her touch is Wholesome and her approach is Holistic. her practice is conveniently located in the heart of downtown santa cruz.

  • “Tori is an absolute Goddess and I HIGHLY recommend her. I have had over a hundred of massages in this lifetime and Tori is seriously gifted. From the moment you walk into the space you feel held, welcomed and relaxed. She’s extremely professional and asks about your body, mind and needs. Her energy is warm and inviting. The massage was fantastic. Her pressure was great and she was very in tune with my body. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep. Anyways no hesitations, book now! Invest in yourself. This is a true healing session and you will leave feeling so much gratitude and truly relaxed in your body, mind and spirit. Thanks Tori! So glad to have found my therapist” - Stephie