Lisa Galli, Scotts Valley, Ca: Upon purchase of my first tin of the canna salve, I turned around and purchased another for my grandmother.

This salve has a wonderful scent! I can definitely smell the cannabis component which I appreciate but as soon as I begin to rub it into my skin the other herbal extracts take over and you’re just left with an awesome smell.

As far as if this product actually works for pain— YES! I live with chronic low back pain that stems from scoliosis & My father has neck pain from arthritis. We have both used this salve and can say that it does provide relief! I will continue to purchase this salve as well as other products in the future!
Alex Brooks, Boulder Creek, Ca: I get horrible stomach and back pains once a month and this salve totally took the edge off so I could sleep. I originally was thinking it would be comparable to Tiger Balm, but I like it way better. Smells amazing, but not over the top and goes on and seems to absorb better and not leave such a greasy feeling. Love love love!
Diana Pawlak, Ben Lomond, Ca: I have suffered from neck and back pain since the birth of my 18 yr old son. This salve works immediately to help any spasms stop! Amazing product. Thanks for the gift Alyssa, I’ll be back as a client for sure!
Andrew DiMarzio, Santa Cruz, Ca: Picked some of this up because I’ve had some severe back and shoulder problems lately and I hate massages(I know, I’m weird). I literally put it on these giant knots on my shoulders from sleeping wrong and honestly experienced INSTANT relief. I’m beyond impressed, and will definitely be back for more. Great stuff. Five stars.
Heather Ves, Santa Cruz, Ca: I had surgery on my neck a couple years ago and this product work amazing!It works instantly and is long lasting! Also a little bit is all you need so it the product doesn't get used as fast as some others where you have it to use it so much because it's not working. Thank you to my best friend and Akasha products for helping my aches along with all the others you've helped! Keep the great work!

Whitney Wilson, Ben Lomond, Ca: This product works great! I was super excited to try it as I have neuropathy and deal with chronic pain daily. I've tried similar products but none compare to this one! The natural aroma is much more pleasant than others I have used. Definitely took the pains away also. Helped me relax and get comfortable after a long day of work. I'll be buying more in the future for sure!
Samantha Fultz, Santa Cruz, Ca: I suffer from mid and lower back pain from years of caregiving. My pain was at its worst tonight and I used this product for the first time. It's been a few hours and my pain is still gone. And my body feels really relaxed. It smells so good was applied easily and didn't leave my back all sticky like what I've used in the past. I highly suggest using this for any body aches and pains. I'm so happy to feel some much needed relief.
Alexandria James, Santa Cruz, Ca9:I bought this product to help manage my pain from surgery. I don’t like to use pain pills with crazy side effects! This salve worked so good for me!! There’s No side effects, only relaxation and good smells . I definitely recommend it!
Victor Carreon, Santa Cruz, Ca: I do construction and this salve seriously helped with my aching shoulders and back after work. It’s a great product, I would definitely recommend this product.

This is why we do what we do. To help those in need, those that are suffering from pain, and to help those to heal through the magic of herbs and botanicals. Thank you all lovely people for your support. These testimonials can be found on our reviews section of our Facebook page.