New Moon Full Spectrum Tincture

New Moon Full Spectrum Tincture


This very special blend of herbs has been chosen to aid and support women during their very sacred and special time of the month. Wild yam, jamaican dogwood, & cramp bark have been specifically chosen because of their ability to relax muscle tissue & uterus. Full Spectrum C B D helps with lower back pain.

Red rasberry and yarrow have been used for hundreds of years to support uterus health and act as allies during your cycle. Yarrow works to increase circulation to the reproductive organs and tissues. It also aids in pain reduction associated with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts.

Ingredients: Organic non gmo MCT oil, full spectrum C B D, * yarrow, * jamaican dogwood, * wild yam, * cramp bark, * st johns wort, * red raspberry leaf, ** Organic & wildcrafted

  • This is not to be used while pregnant

  • Store in cool dark space

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